Just Know.

So, here’s my first content post. Here goes…

So this post is going to be based on my first-year experience here in college in the United States. I attend Saint Leo University located in Saint Leo, Florida and I am proud to be a part of the Class of 2019!

First Impressions

When I first looked through the Saint Leo page I was pretty excited to get started in college. I thought: “Wow. Living in a dorm with another person I know absolutely nothing about is gonna be dreadful..” Until, being the lucky wallflower that I am, I got roomed with someone I had seen back in Jamaica and spoken to before and also someone of Jamaican descent. (So I ended up with two roommates.) This is how I knew that my time here wasn’t going to be as bad as I initially thought.

Coincidence? Maybe, but I was pretty ecstatic, I’m truly blessed. I know many may say “what’s the sense of having a Jamaican roommate when you’ve lived with Jamaicans all your life?”, but you don’t know the awesomeness that comes with moving away from home and sharing space with someone who is just as homesick as you are, someone coming from the same place, same culture (and for my Jamaican readers, y’all know how awesome it is to have someone you can chat other people with, especially in patois, (ntn nuh sweet so.)

Those relationships were built almost instantly. Know what’s crazy? Almost everywhere  I’ve been in the US, there’s a Jamaican there, sometimes I wonder if 2.5 million people really live in Jamaica…

Getting Into The Groove

So at first, I was totally scared to start classes, because I didn’t know where I was going because the campus seemed so huge and confusing, but I got through it. Introductions in class were probably the worst thing for me, I thought they were done from high school days, but here at Saint Leo, Community is a big deal, and since the classes are very small (the maximum is 25 people), you’re gonna want to know the people in your class. I think that’s one of the greatest benefits of attending a small university.

You really get one on one with your professors, and personally, that’s what allows me to do well with my classes. If I’m not able to go to a teacher for help or just to have a one-on-one, I’m not gonna feel very comfortable in the class. I know it may seem like I am advocating for my school, ( even though I love it here), I really believe that especially for students who came from really small high schools, like I did (I went to Westwood High School), this is key.

I think that this is why many people don’t do well in college because they don’t have opportunities to really learn all they can from a course because the teachers aren’t personal enough with them since being in such a large environment, everything is rushed and you barely have any down time.

Trials and Tribulations

One would think that “cliques” and “gangs”, were left back in high school, but nope, they brought it right back.  I mean, there’s nothing wrong with having a “squad” or group of friends, but be mature about it. This is a professional environment.

I had the unfortunate experience of being roomed on the same floor as the loudest and some of the most immature girls on campus. I know it’s a bit harsh, but it is true. All I could hear 24:7 was the slamming of doors, loud trap music and “b*tchessssss!” being screamed. The only time I had peace and quiet was during final weeks, and even then, the door slamming didn’t stop.

The other thing which was pretty awful is the opportunities available for international students. Limited jobs, limited scholarship opportunities, and did I forget being stuck on campus almost all the time? If you’re an introvert like I am, it’s gonna take a while for you to warm up to your environment and the people who are there; so allowing someone who you’ve known for two minutes, drive you off into a strange land is kind of, absurd.

There’s always Uber, but since I am the epitome of a broke college student, so that wasn’t an option.

 Campus Life

As was mentioned, before I have the greatest privilege of attending a small university of just about 2,350 students, so I am blessed to have the easy opportunity to build relationships with my professors and peers.

The professors are awesome. The classes are awesome. The weather is awesome. It’s awesome period. As I said, and I am going to reiterate, being a part of such a small college community is such a blessing. I have met so many amazing people, especially in administration, and all I can say is, it’s awesome.

I’ve attended so many events and giveaways at school and I have SO many t-shirts that I’ve gotten from these that I didn’t have to purchase any from the ridiculously expensive school store.

Tip #1 : Don’t rush to purchase school spirit shirts/merchandise, I promise you’ll get it during the school year. Well if you’re not broke like me, go right ahead, but you’ll get them! 

I wish I could write essays as well and as “beefy” as this post.

I believe that’s all for now, to be honest, I am running dry on what else to talk about, so until I figure out what to talk about next, have a good one and wear sunscreen!


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  1. Thank you my love! I appreciate this so much! Much love.

  2. KVR :) says:

    I LOVE this! You are an amazing writer and I can honestly relate so well even though my situation isn’t the same. Keep on writing 😀 🙂

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