finding the right path

So a thought came into my head, after having the dull energy-draining conversation about “how are you gonna pay for college & what are you gonna do with your time?” *rolls eyes eternally* (-side note- there is no such thing as a vacation when you’re a broke college student, news flash!) So, Why did I choose my major? What influenced me to choose this major?

Well.. It all started in high school. Ah, that’s so cliche, but oh so true. In my fourth year of high school ( I was in the 10th grade), I had to choose the subjects I wanted to focus on for two years straight, which was particularly difficult for me because I’ve never really had a complete idea for what I’d want to do with my life, but anyway, it happened.

Music was one of those choices. I was fortunate enough to be one of ten students in the entire school to do Music as a subject (in that year), so there was sort of a stigma attached to it, but it was all good. I like to think that I am a passionate yet obsessive person, and I must admit that when I’m really interested in something it I TAKE IT TO HEART. It takes a lot of doing for me to let go or lose sight of that passion.

I pursued Music with great fervour (even until it affected all the other aspects of my education, I conquered it, don’t worry.) Over the two years I had to complete a project either on a Caribbean musician, a complete study of a set of musical pieces or a study of Caribbean commercials. What do you think I chose?

I chose to do the project on a Caribbean musician, and I chose Protoje. Along with the study of the musician and their music, I had to complete a personal interview of the musician; and this was very tricky. Trust me, it was very tricky. I was only 15/16 at the time, and I knew no one, all I had was a computer and the internet.

So, I sent out A L O T of emails, Miss Bennett must’ve been so irritated by me, I’m sorry. It’s still embarrassing to this day. Wow digital face-palm. And did I mention how embarrassing the interview was? Oh my gosh. Embarrassing is an understatement.

Anyway, in March of my final year I got accepted to Edna Manley School of the Arts, which was a great accomplishment for me at the time, but sadly it didn’t work out (it makes no sense crying over spilt milk). At that time there were many things going on and so, it just didn’t work out and I had to defer school, and sat out a year. I did the SATs during that time and I ended up at Saint Leo University (thankfully.) Things happen, either you live it or you let it kill you.

During that time, I lost a lot of confidence in myself, because frankly I just didn’t feel good enough for anything, I constantly felt alone, worthless ( oh let me save you the sob story); it happened. That’s it. So during this time, I had to be thinking about my plans for university, what I wanted to do etc. Saint Leo unfortunately doesn’t provide a Music Major program (only minor), so I had to rethink that seemingly unrealistic dream of becoming a music producer. So I decided, after hours of reading through degree programs, that I would pursue the Multimedia Management major, which to me, isn’t a big step from Music. The Multimedia Major, focuses on video production, audio production, visual, all that jazz, so i literally SQUEALED with joy when I read it.

The people who know me personally know that I have such a hyperactive imagination sometimes that it’s so difficult to keep me quiet. So because I am a person who has an appreciation for the arts, and the production of the arts, I gravitated towards that. (Thanks to my biggest role model Protoje.) Though I only play some piano, and I can read and write sheet music somewhat ( I kinda lost the touch, but I think I still got it *wink*,) I knew that that was what I wanted to pursue. Even after having been blindsided by the school not having a Music degree program, I found it. I found a way. The Multimedia Management program also entails a business aspect, so fortunately I will have experience with both the creative and the technical side to this field. I am so blessed. I just gotta figure out how I’m gonna pay for three more years of this, haha. I’m laughing but I’m really crying and dying inside.

So with this knowledge that I hope to encompass over the next three years, I aspire to go into sound production, whether it be for movies, videos, and or music. It’s my dream, and also because my favorite music teacher used to always tell me that I have an ear for music, (I’m grinning my face off,) and also because one of my favorite persons is so successful at it. It’s funny how even after that “gap year” when I kinda lost that musical touch, music came back to bite me in the ass and shows me not to give it up. Thanks for all the amazing albums Protoje, that’s for you. ( Oh Lord it’d be embarrassing if he reads this..) Haha.

Also, if that doesn’t work out, I would also love to use this knowledge (the business knowledge), to maybe go into management (within the field of course), or maybe just a career focusing on the business aspect of this business, darn, I ought to use different words.

Back to that talk of “amazing albums”.. I’m pleased to share that Protoje has released a FREE album titled “Royalty Free”, and I am ecstatic about it, and I’m more than pleased to share it.

this is the AMAZING album art done by the extremely talented, Taj Francis. Check him out:


It can be downloaded at .

Please enjoy and share. All good things.



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