summer tings

So much happened this summer, I can’t share all, but, I’m excited to share what I can. So I got a pretty long summer, I’ve been on summer break since the end of April and I go back to school the third week in August.. Basically four months. CRAZY.

I went straight to Jamaica from school on the last day of the semester. I had so many hopes for when I went to Jamaica, all of them went down the drain, well not all but a majority. It sucks depending on people, disappointments disappointments, disappoint[men]ts. The one thing I was really looking forward to was the food, real food, not fried plastic and cardboard. My time in Jamaica was cut short due to disappoint[men]ts once again, but everything happens for a reason, so I ended back in Florida for the rest of the summer.

firstly my hair

So in June, before I left Jamaica, I decided to do box braids again, mainly because I felt like I was losing hair and I wanted to retain length.. So I did them. And also because I was tired of styling my hair constantly, people with natural hair know how that is, trust me it’s a whole workout.

baby hairs on the fleekest of fleek.
one of the few good skin days.. i’m starting to think red is my color…

This was my second time doing braids, the first time I did them smaller than this. That was fun until I had to take them out. I kept these in for a month, which was shorter than the first time; I got tired of it really quickly and I really just wanted to feel my scalp again.

So of course, it’s important to take care of your hair even when you’re doing a protective style, so this time I went all out. No I didn’t, I just wanted to say that. I washed my hair once a week, which is normal for me, but I made sure to do it this time to reduce breakouts and headaches (yes I actually get headaches when my hair needs to be washed, I do not know how, but I do.) My skin was surprisingly really clear during the time I had braids, way better than the first time. I’m grateful, because trust me, you know I love to take pictures and having volcanoes on my forehead and cheeks is not the wave.

So back to my hair care.. I used about three products in my hair when I had the braids in, mainly because I didn’t want the build up and because I’m lazy and it takes time to distribute the product through my hair.

FullSizeRender (14)
This. Shampoo. I love this shampoo so much, I would normally use the Yucca and Plantain one, but I decided to try this one this time. I was so excited because I’m trying out castor oil again, you know I had to jump on that coconut oil craze (coconut oil is still good) but I want my hair to get thicker quicker. I got this product in Walmart for US$10.98, great right?? The smaller bottles  of shampoo are that price so you know I had to scoop this one!

Compared to the Shea Moisture Coconut and Hibiscus shampoo, which gave me more tangles than anything else, it is m a g i c a l. No matter how many times I detangled before using the Coconut & Hibiscus shampoo, I lost so much hair after, so I stopped using it. Even though it’s for *thick curly hair*, I wouldn’t recommend it to people with my hair type.

Using the shampoo I posted above, gives me great results, my hair feels clean, my roots feels flat, and did I mention how sweet the shampoo smells? If only it were edible! It’s just magical.

In addition to that shampoo, I used another great product, this time it’s by Cantu Shea Butter. It’s the “Cantu Shea Butter Grow Strong Strengthening Treatment”. I first used this when I did braids the first time in January. I loved the consistency, not too thick, not too watery, and it provided just the right amount of moisture for my hair in braids. I couldn’t afford for my hair to slip from the roots too much and normal conditioner/ leave in conditioner would’ve caused it too, so this product did the trick.

FullSizeRender (9)
it has such a nice smell, not overwhelming, just nice. I also use this product to lay my edges/baby hairs, and you know that’s really really important. It doesn’t give me a lot of build up and it makes my roots feel so soft and alive. I totally recommend it for braids and even without. Oh and it protects from heat damage as you can see, but I don’t use heat it my hair but for those who do, here you go.

And of course, as I said before, I used Jamaican Black Castor Oil as well. MAGICAL.

Overall, my second time with braids was good, it started off a little rough because they were tighter than the first time, but after the first wash they loosened up. I think my hair grew a little bit, even if it didn’t, either way I am happy because I truly needed that break.

my first thrifting adventure

Can you tell I’m excited to talk about this????? So for several holiday breaks I’ve been trying to visit a thrift shop, to thrift some gems and I must say, SUMMER 2016 was that lucky holiday break!

So naturally I went to the thrift store with my beautiful mother, Goodwill to be exact and I went on an adventure. I knew that I definitely wanted some jeans, definitely, I mean… Who doesn’t like vintage jeans? So when we went inside, I was overwhelmed at how many racks of jeans that were there. “WOW” actually escaped my mouth. I was sorta worried that I would’ve had a sneezing fit, thankfully I didn’t, that day was a great day, not for my mom though.

Anywho, we found some great pairs of jeans, of course, it was tricky finding the right sizes, especially for my mother (cons of having big hips), but we did it. So I ended up getting two pairs which I’m super psyched to show you, but unfortunately, I haven’t been able get great pictures of me in them.

But here’s my absolute favorite out of the two I bought.

My idea was to distress these pants, and guess what? I distressed them. Chloé – 1, Procrastination – 0. Booyah. To distress them, I used, a pair of scissors, a grater, a disposable razor, and tweezers. It took me a while, but I did it and I love the results.

Here they are! 

IMG_4940 (2)

Processed with VSCO with c1 preset
Shout out to my mom for being my photographer for the day. These are some really great pictures. Do you like how I decided to distress my jeans? This picture also shows something I’m really excited about. The crocheted top!!

My mom has been experimenting more with her crochet craft, so I decided to ask her to make a top for me. It took her a while, because she didn’t want to make any mistakes, and I think she did it perfectly. It’s the perfect top. It’s my favorite top right now. Thanks mom. Here are some more pictures featuring the top and the jeans. Can you tell I love this look??

Processed with VSCO with c1 preset
this is how the top looks from the side, as you can see it’s a halter top, which sits right above the waistline. The part that covers the breast has little to no holes, so it can be worn with or without a bra.
Processed with VSCO with c1 preset
i. am. loving. this. look. This is probably my favorite picture from the set. This is obviously the back of the top, this one has buttons and a tie at the top. It can be made with a tie at the bottom as well.

I love this top so much, not just because my mom made it, but because it’s custom. I just have a thing for custom clothing. Do you? If you’re interested in getting your own halter top, bikini top, or bralette or almost anything (in almost any color) made out of crochet please please please contact me via email @ or at my Twitter :  or in my comments and we can speak there!

My mom and I would really appreciate your support and we would love to see you beautiful people in her custom pieces! Please spread the word! She is also a seamstress, so for all your sewing needs, please contact me! She has recently been making some tops for me, some really colorful tops which I’m so excited about. Plus she’s reasonable so no outrageous prices I promise! Please spread the word!

Processed with VSCO with m3 preset
This is a custom bralette made for my friend Tiffany, which she loved!  My mom sourced the material of course and made it in about a day or so.  Get your bralettes guys! Hit me up!

Her instagram:

So.. These were the highlights of my summer vacation. Yes, I went to the beach in Jamaica a couple times, they were great but I feel like I’ve added too many photos to this post now but if you want to see pics go to my twitter page! Also add me on snapchat: empressmomo!

So uh, this is it. *hysterical crying*. Summer 2016 is definitely one to remember, I am so grateful for everything that happened this summer, even the bad stuff. No losses just lessons!

When life hands you lemons, use them in a face mask!