back to business

when we a work dem dida laugh enuh, no blood inna me eye,  vengeance inna me heart enuh, we find di formula… (8) –
Yes, I had to drop some 2012 vibes on you one time with the “(8)”, youngins don’t know bout that.

I don’t know about you, but I’m super excited for this post right here. CRAZY HAPPY. School is about to begin once again and I am so super very excited. I am a workaholic so I just love being busy busy busy, I love when my mind is in use, I mean it’s always in use, but you know what I mean.

“I see that in life you achieve sumn nice, but achieve sumn twice is a problem..” 

Protection – Protoje  

As you know, I just completed my freshman year (thank you God), ending up on the dean’s list, somewhere in the background “We Still A Win” by Popcaan is playing. So, now I’m on to my sophomore year, hoping to claim all great things and opportunities. I’m honestly so grateful that I was able to complete my freshman year, without failing, my lowest grade has been a B-, and I am determined to raise that. I’ve heard that many people don’t pass their first semester of college, so honestly, I am just sending up so much gratitude.

I do not care if it seems like I am bragging; in high school, I never got a 70 average once,not in my 5 years, so listen to me when I say I am hype right now. But, I am always grateful and I never take it for granted. I just feel like I work hard, so I deserve to be happy about that and congratulate myself.

Success is courage. Success is strength. Success is gratitude. It’s knowing when to take a rest when you’re stressed, but never giving up. Success needs to be fed; strength needs to be fed; courage needs to be fed.

I repeat, success needs to be fed. 

Don’t believe that once you have success you, as Jamaicans say, “ketch hype”, or let it all go to your head. It is extremely important to be grateful. Many people seem to forget that when they’re pursuing success; ultimately they face bad karma, but that’s a tangent I don’t wish to go off onto right now. Be thankful for what you have, what you were given, what you weren’t and what is yet to come.Humble yourself before life humbles you.

I honestly believe that success requires momentum, once you have it, you have to feed it to keep it. I know that this may sound vain, but it isn’t intended to be that way. Success may be in whatever form you choose for yourself. Personally for me, success is having that feeling of accomplishment; knowing that I started something and finished it, no matter how long it took me to finish. Gratitude goes such a far way and honestly is the first key to success for me.


Doesn’t this just describe me perfectly? These things always seem to find their way into my life, sometimes I feel like I’m meant for a higher purpose, it makes me so emotional. Let me not start with the emotional mess. Ugh feelings.

Can I interject with something? Even if you said no, I’m gonna do it anyway. Boys are icky and I don’t know why i keep getting myself involved with them. They give me headaches. I know they are necessary headaches but they are annoying. Boys, men, male humans annoy the crap out of me, because majority of them are so immature and annoying. Okay I’m done. Everyday they show me how much I hate them. Thank you Beyoncé for Lemonade, relatable. Thank you Queen Bey. It was needed. Relevant. Relatable. Necessary. Damn accurate. Thank you. -end rant-

I am so hopeful for 2016-2017, my sophomore year. I am not a person who puts hope into things, but this time I am (not blind hope though, do not get me wrong.) No blind hope, no blind faith. People may say I’m cynical or pessimistic, I am not pessimistic, I am realistic. Am I the only who realizes that life is hard and that you should expect things to go wrong sometimes? Or that it’s important to plan for these things sometimes? Hello? Life is hard.

I see so many things on my horizon for this school year, a lot more volunteering opportunities, a chance at a social life, a booming social life I should say.

So… I’m gonna do something I’ve always wanted to do. A * keys to success* starter pack. I’m joking. I want to do a mini “what’s in my bag?/ what’s on my desk?/what do I use all the time to keep myself in check?” post within a post. So I’m going to do it right now.

my planner(s) – honestly, my planner is the main reason I’m able to sit here and write this post right now. As I’ve said before, I’m a planner, I rely on plans so much, in the sense that if something were to happen unexpectedly, I would at least have an idea of how.. Ugh I’m making no sense. My planner is my best friend, and I don’t know what I would do without it.

this is one of current planners. this planner is for both personal and school stuff. I got it at Walmart for like US$8. I got one just like this in high school the same brand of stationery, Studio C. It’s my favorite brand because *Studio C*, why wouldn’t I love it?

I write everything down, details and EVERYTHING. It’s such a neat planner, I love it, it provides just the right amount of space for me to write, it has a calendar for each month ANDDDDDD it has beautiful quotes for each month.

this is how the quote page for July looks, can you see why I love it? it’s just so perfect.

There are some other things that I do to stay grounded in University and they may help you too…

  1. SLEEP – I try my utmost best to get enough rest at night, because one, I like to have my classes in the morning, usually around 9, so obviously I can’t sleep through those classes; two, sleep is important guys, sleep > coffee. I made a promise to myself that I wouldn’t drink coffee through college or at all. Coffee makes your breath stink and it’s bad for your skin and also I get headaches whenever I drink coffee so I know it’s definitely not for me.

  2. NO PROCRASTINATION – Trust me. This one is a big one. Please cut out the bad habit of procrastination, try as best as you can. It’s not fun to lose sleep trying to catch up on assignments and projects you could have done earlier. Stop it everyone. Stop. I encourage you to try your best. That season on Netflix isn’t worth it. This is why planning has become an integral part of my daily regime. It’s so important. Your skin will be thanking you.

  3. MAKE TIME FOR YOURSELF – All work and no play… My version of play is a face mask and a midday nap, or deep conditioning my hair while doing my nails. Take care of yourself, at the end of the day, it’s all you’re gonna have; you. Go to the gym, eat well, take care of your skin, head to toe. Invest in yourself. For the girls, stop talking to ashy boys, girl stop. Boys I hate you so I’m not gonna comment. Goodbye. Sort out your lives and stop playing with the girls. Shameful. I don’t even know if any boys read this so why am I saying all that?

  4. STAY ORGANIZED – This is so important to me. It ties in with how much I plan and keep things together. It does so much for you, prevents you from being sidetracked, you get a better handle on surprise situations. Honestly I could go on and on about how beneficial it has been to me, but just know, it helps. Alarms, timers, all those seemingly simple stuff make a huge difference.

Honestly, there is so much I plan to speak about, so very much, I have been packing and unpacking for about three days now. I HATE PACKING SO MUCH. It is so annoying. It’s the worst part of travelling but, you gotta do it. There’s something that I want to speak about but… I’m gonna cut this right here. Stay tuned, hopefully I’ll be free enough to type it up pretty soon. This post honestly changed course so many times, which happens with like all the posts so far… If there’s something that I missed during my re-reading time, I’ll be sure to revise it.  Forgive me, there’s so much going on in my head and I’m trying to get back into the swing of things, so hopefully, I’ll get back to posting pretty soon. The next one I hope will be very special.

“The only real mistake is the one from which we learn nothing.”
Henry Ford