new beginnings, again..

Hey beauties! This post is long overdue, I’ve been at school, unpacking, trying to get into the groove of things, but here it is! This was for summer, but you know how things can be at times, but I still hope it’ll be just as good.

So my mom and I have been thinking a lot about custom crochet clothing and getting on our feet with them. Firstly, I have no idea how to get a clothing line started, but I’ve just been trying to promote what she’s made and getting it out there. It is so very hard, because I have no idea who to target, but I’m trying, so bear with me, please.

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So this is a bikini/crop top in the color ecru, it’s measured from your bust size so it should fit almost perfectly! It will be custom as was said before, so for those who are blessed with more breasts, we gotchu!

I’m really loving this vintage look, I honestly wish I could’ve experienced 80’s/ 90’s fashion. Do you know how fetching those looks were? Wow, much like, much heart eyes.

this is how the top looks from the side/back. As you can see, it features a tie string closure instead of buttons as was mentioned in the  “summer tings” post earlier in August. this top isn’t worn with a bra; I’ve been embracing the no bra lifestyle as of late, 10/10 would recommend.

I don’t know how to speak about how neatly the top is made without bragging about my mom and her handiwork. BUT it is important to be confident in your art and I am in hers. There’s no bias (I think). It is so delicate and well-made I could scream.

Processed with VSCO with m5 preset
this is view of the top from the side, showing lots of skin. the bra cup is completely covered, so no nip slips, I promise.

My mom also made a top out of the same material she got for my friend a while back, (it’s  in the “summer tings” post.)

this top features two tie straps at the back, it’s vibrant, loud but also heart eyes.

(there’s a reason why I’m usually wearing glasses) buttttt, this is the front. I just love this print, it’s one of my favorites so far.

I’d appreciate your support so much, I’m emotional. Please contact me if you’re interested, and please share!

The crochet top featured in this post is currently US$30, for any size, and the sewn top is US$20/$25 depending on the style. 

 This is a learning process, so constructive criticism and feedback is totally welcome. I’d appreciate that so much.

Please support, spread, share, bring awareness whatever you call it, to the production of “Through Times”. My friend Tiffany Linton will be a part of this production, so I would really appreciate if you could share. Here’s the link that provides more information: . Thank you in advance!

her instagram:

her twitter:

heARTS, hugs, kisses.


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