why you cryin’?

because… sometimes life is just like “oh you thought you were going good? lemme give you some more stress, lemme see if you can do this.” but here I am right? Solid as a rock and they just can’t stop me now.

It’s been a little over a month since I’ve been at school and I must say, I’m more stressed than I expected; so stressed I thought I would be able to post more, but I think I’m managing my time wisely as far as my health, school and extra curricular activities are concerned… I’m super grateful for everything, every opportunity so far and those on the horizon, things are definitely looking up.

I said I would share more about my dorm right? Well.. this semester started of really interesting, I could choose who I wanted to room with prior to starting this semester so that was a blessing, I chose my first roommate and another friend and it’s been awesome. We already know what we’re like and how to live with each other so that’s great right? Yep. I’m not even gonna give you the chance to answer because it’s LIT!  Queng them, heng them. Woyoi. ( I really hope I used those slangs correctly..)

Moving on, we live in a suite in one of the apartments on campus, so we each have our own rooms, with a door, YAY. I’m so happy because now I get to decorate and rearrange however I please, which isn’t extravagant but still; it’s LIT.

had to hit em with the Proto poster one time! don’t judge me for still having stuffed animals ok, the nights get lonely.

Moving on… again. One thing I really don’t like is the face that the walls are so thin. They are like paper thin. Hearing “lemme take you dowwwn” at *weird* hours is not very comforting to me; but OH WELL.

So, this semester as I probably mentioned before, is super packed. I decided to do full 18 credits this semester, so when I say I am busy, I am always busy, but I’m taking care of myself for those who care. Majority of my classes I decided to put on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays; so I have three back to back then a gap and one more after that gap, then on Tuesdays and Thursdays, I have two classes. I put the harder classes on Mondays etc because obviously I am able to meet with those professors more often.. you know what I mean. There are other things which I can’t talk about which take up my time, I hope you won’t be in suspense *rolls eyes*, but I’ll be sure to speak about it in the summary of the semester.

I hope I won’t get in trouble for using this.


This song, this song guys. You know you love a song when it has 434 plays in iTunes… lol I feel like Protoje wrote my life in this song. To say it’s amazing is an understatement. If I continue talking about this song I am going to branch off on how amazing Protoje is, and guess what? I am about to do that right now. Can you just take a moment to appreciate production/sampling great n e s s ?

*Protoje appreciation post* 

He’s simply an awe-inspiring person, extremely, extremely inspirational and he is a wonderful friend. His music has gotten me through most of high school and I hope that it will get me through college as well (please pray he doesn’t retire in the next 3 years). I appreciate the way he goes about things, especially the way he seeks to have a more personal connection with supporters, which honestly isn’t something you find pretty often. My emotions are bubbling over right now because that’s how much he’s changed my life and how important he is. Lowkey he’s my mentor, he just doesn’t know it yet, things take a likkle time. Unofficial mentor and best friend. *screams in fan girl*

ok but besties”r”us. thank you for this picture you know who, bless up.

Midterm grades were just sent in and ya girl is surviving, living comfy but not for long watch this. It’s October and my mind is already on 12/24 sleeping away my birthday. Honestly, truly. I have so much more to talk about, so I will be writing as much as I can, as fast as I can to give it to you in short bursts over the period of this month. I’m trying here people.

Thanks to everyone who has been supportive for me, especially those who take the time to read through everything I’ve chosen to share and those who’ve showed interest in my mom’s creations. I want to send SO much love to you guys and I appreciate it.

“Science teaches to think but love teaches to smile.” – Santosh Kalwar






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  1. Thank you so much! ❤️

  2. good luck on the studying ❤

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