hello, this is Chloé-Ana

aand this is an open letter to all breakers of hearts, promises and those not willing to try. did I mention motivation leeches? If you are offended by this letter then this is especially for you. #sorrynotsorry

Why do you use me? Abuse me? Act like you can pursue me? Isn’t there something better to do? When I tell you how you hurt me why do you persist? Is this a game? Use her till she says “low battery” and shuts off? Is that it?

Why is the eternal question. Why?

What was the motive? Search and destroy? So games are your forte? This isn’t a sneak diss thing, this is for me, for once; for me. I try to forgive, and forget , even though I can’t, I wish I could. I keep hearing, “live and you learn,” “the hotter the battle the sweeter the victory” and that it’ll be better in the end. What about what’s happening now? What about my feelings now? Are they not of significance?

Yes, this is a rant, yes I’m angry, oh wow I forgot that doesn’t matter right?

How do you enter someone’s life, use what you can, leave and behave brand new? Is that how feelings work?

No animosity, no hard feelings, for the most part, this is for me. for once. This is just me being honest with myself, venting if you call that, whoever is listening, I appreciate it. I hope you & those like you, will be touched or go under divine intervention, or if not, I hope you won’t affect those around you and that you’ll start to absorb light

and you’ll flourish.

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