the how to guide for homesickness

spoiler: there is none. lol just wasted your time, bye. (Please don’t leave).

So if you read my previous posts  you probably realize I’ve been moping a little about being homesick… Well little is an understatement. I won’t expound on my sleepless/bawling nights because life goes on and you don’t want to know about that. *rolls eyes*

So I must say it’s hard to not let feelings of homesickness ruin your vibe during the semester, but it’ll happen and you just have to let it.

  1. Let it happen, if you try to bury it, it’ll only come back harder and stronger, and most times when you least expect it and definitely when you can’t handle it. So if crying helps you, screaming etc, do it.
  2. “Have friends around you.. make friends, do things to keep your mind off it.” etc.. all of that is cliché and it’s tied with #1. Bawl if you want to bawl, just make sure you submit your papers on time. Doing things that occupy your time does help but at the end of the day you have to face it, you must.
  3. Keep in touch with your fam, don’t tell them you’re homesick because they’re going to worry, I made this mistake and I had my mom calling me like five times in one day, which doesn’t seem so bad until she’s saying how things are at home (especially the food) and you just drown in a bath of feelings, don’t actually drown please.
  4. Do things that provide you with comfort, plan your time better so you can do those things comfortably without worrying that something is overdue. I’m not saying to plan out when you cry, just take into consideration that if you don’t take care of the responsibilities, you’re going to have more on your plate. You do not want guilt and homesickness to eat at you. You do not.
  5. If you find things that provide you with comfort, such as eating junk food before bed, or watching Narcos on Netflix, or 5 seasons of Powerpuff Girls, do it once you submit that paper you have due on November 4th by 11:59 PM. Notice today’s date, and the due date? BE PROACTIVE! (There will be a day when I take my own advice, just wait on it.)  Do it once you know you’re not going to regret it after. That’s my thing now, if you know you’re not going to regret it, do it. Don’t be foolish now :).
  6. Don’t ever count it out as nothing. If you feel it creeping up on you or if you feel it progressing rapidly, either of the two, once you feel it, do not ignore it. I know some analogies say “ignore it it’ll go away” this isn’t gonna go away just so, most cases it doesn’t. I feel like I’m euphemising, but stay with me. If you have a confidant, tell them, if not, seek help. There are ways you can do that, people you can talk to, virtually as well. I guarantee you they’re willing to help you, you just have to reach out. In my experience with the counselling services at school, they’re really nice people honestly nice is an understatement. Take it from me if you may, and do it. 🙂
  7. Lastly, if you find that your “friends” aren’t as supportive as you wish, talk to me. You can use euphemisms if you don’t want to tell me everything private but I can listen pretty well. It’s not easy to feel like you’re alone so don’t be shy.
    -end rant-

Listen to After I’m Gone by Protoje.


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