i am here now.

SO, I’m back again.. I know I said I’d be giving it to you in short bursts over this month, I slacked a lil bit but I’m making up for it.

I got a new book! And I am so extremely excited to share it with you. I got it from Amazon of course. I must admit that I am having a little trouble finding myself once again, as I grow I’m learning to love myself and my new growth (I wish my hair grew as fast as this). Collecting all these Ls left right and center is making me change at a surprisingly fast pace so I need to catch up. Speaking of catch up … “hope you ketch up, hope you all a talk and nahve the sauce hol’ the ketchup, know yuh jealous ..” I swear I always have a song relevant to my mood.. always. Listen to Free Paper by The Royal Blu (he’s cool I promise. He has a really AMAZING remix of Controlla which I personally think is the best version of the song, I’m not even gonna accept debates so don’t come.. not that anyone would come haha my life is sad. Talk to me guysssss.) Listen to Controlla Remix by The Royal Blu here

So I got sidetracked again.. As I was saying, I won’t lie and say I’ve been keeping up with my self love journey, everyday my motivation dwindles, mainly because I barely have time to focus on that solely. It is extremely difficult to balance that and everything else I have to do BUT I’m trying. So because I have so much to do, my posts have been kind of off lately.

Thanks for reading it still.


So here’s to having to having only three weeks of class left. Can you tell I’m crying? Lit. That means only a month and 13 days left till the big day. *screams*. I am extremely excited. One step closer to graduation. I am extremely excited for the breaks to come, extremely, it’s been a long time coming.

As I mentioned before I got a new book, new journal. I’m starting over.

So far, the book has been great. It’s a little different from the first one I got.. “Start Where you Are”, but just as great. I realized that maybe I needed a little change so I went ahead with this. As the title suggests, it’s about mindfulness and finding it for yourself. So the first activity in the book prompted me to define mindfulness; so my definition was:

being completely wary and open to the possibilities of your mind, heart, body and soul, both positive and negative. Being open to exploring those thoughts, actions, emotions and how the environment and changes within and around it affect those thoughts and emotions.

What do you think about my definition? I don’t think there are any right/wrong answers, it’s whatever you want it to be.. but the general idea is being aware in the current moment, not focusing on the past or future, the now. What are you currently doing? What are you thinking in this current moment? How are you feeling? What’s causing you to feel that way? Look into yourself.

In addition to this journal I purchased, I forgot to mention I have a new journal, my friends know I say this at least once every two months.. pretty often haha. I picked it up at Walmart over the summer, I figured you can’t have too many books to write in right?

this journal has 80 pages, so it’s not gonna be used for heavy journalling, but more for my thoughts as I work with my mindfulness guide.

In the mindfulness guide, there are some exercises on meditation, which I haven’t gotten to as yet, I was just browsing.. BUT, there are some links that they shared which I’m going to share with you over time. The first one is to the website where  you’ll find more information about the book, and also an audio file on meditation. Please, if you are interested, take a look. If you are interested, and actually get into the book, tell me I’d love to hear about it. the link : check out i am here now.

I mentioned there were some things I couldn’t mention that have been happening to me, well here goes… So for this Fall 2016 semester, I was selected to be a Student Ambassador for my university. At first I was nervous because I had no idea what they did, I just knew the represented the school, I mean even though I applied for it, I was still unsure. But in September I heard the good news.

To say I am excited would be an understatement; but it has definitely been a learning experience, and I am truly grateful. I am required to give tours to perspective students twice a week, which seems hectic but the tours are minimum one hour, and I talk for majority of the time, I mean besides it being Florida and hot all the time, I enjoy it a lot. It has definitely allowed me to step out of my comfort zone as it pertains to social situations and speaking in public. I have met some really amazing people and even made a few acquaintances and friends. #leggocareer2016

one of the days I tour.

I encourage all students especially those about to go to college, get involved in activities and apply for stuff, you never know what can happen. Take risks and get out of your comfort zone but never compromise yourself if it’s not for you, there’s always something out there for you, even if it takes you a while to get there. Try, you may never know.

things take a little time.



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  1. You are most welcome Chloe!

  2. thank you so much! I appreciate it a lot!

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