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This is the post I hope you’ve been waiting on. I finally have a little time to write it, so here it is.

about my hair 

I have been natural for all my life, I went through the heat damage phase, I grew my hair out from that damage and this is the result. I stopped using heat in  10th grade, which has been about 4 years now, I am not that old so don’t bother with it. I cut blow dryers, and flat irons out of my hair regimen completely. I will admit it was hard at first because I also just learned how to do my hair on my own. I have really thick hair so it was a challenge. For months I couldn’t get it into one ponytail holder; for years it was impossible.

I have no idea how long my hair is now so don’t ask, stretching it naturally still doesn’t show the truth length so I really do not know, but I know it gets pretty big.

My go to style was for a long time, bantu knots, BUT my hair grew so much and got so thick it took forever to get it styled, so recently I switched to twists.

this picture shows one of the best twist outs i’ve ever had since doing them. sadly even though that day was one of the best since this year, i didn’t take that many pictures showing my hair.
Processed with VSCO with m5 preset
i REALLY think this picture shows the curl definition, look at that. wow.

For my twist outs, I normally use three products aside from shampoo and conditioner.I employ the “LOC” method, which is Liquid, Oil, and Cream ( I think.. whatever, that’s what I do.)

  1. My favorite Leave-In conditioners are: Shea Moisture Jamaican Black Castor Oil, Taliah Waajid (it’s also a co-wash). and Cantu Shea Butter. This is in order of  how I rate them. I’ll add pictures at the end of this list.
  2. My favorite oils are: Coconut oil and Castor oil. I went on the coconut oil craze but I now prefer Castor oil. It stinks literally, but it’s a much better oil to me, coconut oil makes my hair feel synthetic, but it really provides that sheen which I like at times.
  3. My all time favorite cream/styling product to use is: Shea Moisture Curl Enhancing Smoothie. It is my go to styling product. I have a couple other favorites, which are CURLS Creme Brule, I prefer it to the Cantu Coconut curling cream by far, which is good but I realized there are products WAAAY better than it. I also have the Eden Body Works Coconut Shea Curl Defining Creme.



  1. This product smells AMAZING.
  2. It provides so much slip and makes my hair really soft, which is essential in a leave-in conditioner.
  3. The consistency is sort of creamy but liquidy, which is my favorite in a leave-in.


  1. I feel as though I need to use more than recommended.
  2. Heavy residue when used on damp not wet hair especially under the Curl Enhancing Smoothie.



  1. This product is CRACK.
  2. It smells amazing, way better that the first one I shared.
  3. It provides so much slip and defines my curls so well, really keeps them moisturized.
  4. No residue.
  5. Perfect on soaking wet hair.


  1. It gives my hair a little crunch, if I apply it to damp and not wet hair.
  2. My hair does have a synthetic feel when I apply too much.



  1. It provides so much slip.
  2. My hair does feel moisturized.


  1. My hair gets extremely crunchy.
  2. My hair feels really synthetic.
  3. I don’t think it’s sulfate free.


The Shea Moisture product is definitely my favorite out of the three above. Compared to the Taliah Waajid product, they’re about the same, the Taliah one does have a totally different consistency and it gives me a different curl definition result, not very different but still. There is a great difference in how my hair feels. Compared to the Cantu Shea Butter product, my hair feels so much softer, especially when applied to dripping wet hair.

The Curls Creme Brule product is better than the Shea Moisture Smoothie I lied, it’s alot better. I’ve been using it a lot more than the smoothie lately and I’ve realized I really prefer it combined with the Shea Moisture leave in I currently use. Maybe it’s the sweet smell, I have no clue but my hair is a lot more defined and extremely soft and moisturized.

Tip: I’ve noticed that adding the leave in conditioner to dripping  wet hair makes such a huge difference, my hair feels a lot softer even when I have to pin it up to put my entire head of hair into twists. It doesn’t dry out as quickly  as when I wait to apply it to each section out of the direct stream of water. Try this everyone! (Yes I know most of these things you’ve heard from youtubers, but I’m not on Youtube so it’s real as a frying pan.


Yasssss. Can you tell I am excited for this? Next up are the styles I’ve tried with these products, funny enough, I remember exactly which products I used for most of these styles I attempted… Let’s see. Please let me know what you think about them! (Lots of pictures will be shared so if you have a problem with my face… I’m sorry!) Under each, I’ll be giving a short description of how I accomplished the style and a short list of what I used! Let’s gooooo!


If I remember, I attempted a twist out and it didn’t dry properly, so I had a little frizz here and there, but it turned out to be a beautiful style. I used the leave in shared in this post, the smoothie and my Shea Moisture JBCO Shampoo and Conditioner. I slept with my bonnet as always, sadly I did it late in the night before that’s why it didn’t dry properly, but I think my fro turned out to be really huge the following days which made me real happy!


This is an old twist out, if I remember clearly it was about Thursday I believe, so I put my hair up. To get my hair up, I use a crocheted headband made by my mom, it’s in black so it blends really well. It keeps my hair in place alllll day and does not tug too harshly on my edges, I mean do you see those edges?? Two words: Castor Oil. OH & minding your business. 🙂 For my edges I usually use a toothbrush and some of the smoothie or leave in to moisturize them in the morning. I normally don’t set them with a head wrap as I want them to have a really natural look, even though I don’t have to really touch them for them to really have that effect. I am not a fan of the dramatic baby hair trend, so I rarely brush them further onto my face. I don’t mind my hair being a little messy/ poofy around the edges, as I said I love when it looks as natural as possible.

Side note: I know no one is thinking it but nope, I don’t have any highlighter on! I have no idea how to apply makeup. After cleansing my face, I only use a moisturizer and sun screen, hence why my face looks so radiant and besides that, I got my face to start glowing after months and months of hard work so my natural highlight is in full effect! (Yes I’ll share skin products soon.. I hope.)


This is a reallllllly old twist out, okay maybe about a week, so I decided to just go full afro on the Friday of that week. Yes, my hair does get bigger than that, but when it does I’m the only one who detangles it so guess what. This is it for now.Alright maybe I love these pictures a little too much… This is probably my favorite photo set this Fall. For the front of my hair, I used bobby pins which blend with my hair color to hold my hair back so it frames my face really well and keeps the hair out of my face.

this belongs in my selfie hall of fame.

WOW. Throwback to earlier in the semester when my skin was popping, y’all I have to talk about it because it’s extremely hard to get your skin popping like this 24/7. There is no filter on this picture, it’s all sunlight and what my cellphone selfie camera picked up!

Alright now to the hair.. This is the result of a week old wash and go, one of my first attempts at the wash and go since forever. I used the Taliah Waajid leave in and the Curls Creme Brule together for this wash and go! It wasn’t as defined as I had hoped but… this afro though.

anotha one.

YES, I did (s)lay my edges for this style, it was necessary. I used one of my curl products and a toothbrush and went out the door!

image1 (1).JPG

This is a wash and go in a top knot! I used the Shea Moisture leave in I shared, eco styler gel, and the Creme Brule. I just smoothed the products onto my entire hair shaft, no shingling, only a paddle brush was used apart from my hands. I allowed my hair to dry in the top knot so it would keep the shape and not have too much frizz.


This picture shows my hair with finger coils/shingling. I followed MahogonyCurls’ tutorial for the shingling and just decided to do finger coils, I hadn’t realized they were finger coils until someone pointed it out to me. What do you think? I used Eco Styler for the as well!


This shows how my hair was the night I did it. I did the coils and put my hair up in a pineapple with a silk hair tie around the base so my hair would be smooth and also so that the top and middle of my scalp could dry properly. My hair was incredibly soft and moisturized, I love this style but it’s definitely not one that you do in a rush, it lasts a long while, definitely worth it! So much definition! Yes! Shrinkage, so much shrinkage. My hair when I stretch it was twice the length of the coil, crazy. I was dumbfounded. Hashtag healthy hair goals.

As time goes by I should be updating this post with new styles I try but what I shared so far are my favorites and some of my most successful styles. What do you think??? Let me know!

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