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“Books are the quietest and most constant of friends; they are the most accessible and wisest of counselors, and the most patient of teachers.” – Charles William Eliot

I finally got back into the reading groove after months so I’ve decided to share some books that I read over the course of both semesters of this years and which one were my favorites!

I think I read this last year, but it’s my favorite book so I’m going to share it anyway.


This book not only snatched my edges, but also put them back and I am once again flourishing. Mitch Albom is an extremely talented writer and I hope everyone will take a moment or a couple thousand moments to read this book. The structure of this book is really interesting and unique as it begins with The End.

I know that’s a spoiler, but the title already gives away what the book is about. Please I am on my knees begging everyone to read this book. I cried for a good hour after finishing this book. Please read it.


Yes, I know this book is a little tattered but I have been on so many flights with this book, mainly because I kept saying I was going to read it and I just never got around to do it so I kept dragging it around with me through two countries. As you can see, this was written by Mitch Albom as well, and y’all know exactly what I’m going to say. Illuminated (lit).

This book was just as illuminating as the previous one, so it’s definitely second on my list. These books are quite spiritual, (I mean you can read so you must be able to see that),  so just a heads up for those who like or don’t like books of that particular theme.

There are a few books that I borrowed from my convenient school library so I will have to take pictures from the internet as I had to return them. evil_genius_cover

Even though this book is considered to be a children’s book, I don’t think that way. This book focuses on a boy genius who’s parents rarely ever spend time with him, who is quite the introvert who has more brain power than the average person. He is quite anti-social but that slowly dissolves as he ends up enrolling into a secret school where he… Read the book please.  This book was so interesting it made me want to be a genius too! At times I do wish I were exceptionally smart, but with those abilities comes great burden so…


Honestly this book shook me up. It took me a couple weeks to read this as it was just too powerful to read in one sitting. I cried reading this book. Wow I am honestly lost for words. This book shares the story of a deformed ( I apologize if I am not using the correct word) young boy who has a distorted face. This is his first time being in public school and it is a recollection of his experiences during this time. I won’t say it was a sad read, because it wasn’t entirely sad, it was so inspirational I really admire and applaud the writer for this impeccable story. I do encourage everyone to read this one as well as it does teach many lessons about validation, bullying which is a serious issue and also acceptance. Ten out of Ten.

There are a couple books that I have on my current reading list so as soon as I complete them, I’ll be sure to share my thoughts on them! I’d love to hear about books you’ve read, loved, hated and ones you’d want others to read! Hit me up!
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