more books! more vibes!

as promised, I would be sharing more books as I complete them and luckily, I had some spare time so I got to complete two new ones.


Before I got my Christmas Break, I checked out some books from my school library. This gave me incentive to read them in a timely manner and also provided me with something to do over this break. Try it Everyone ;). So this is one of the books I borrowed.

It was quite a short read only about 200 pages, but definitely a fulfilling one. It tells the story of a Mexican American family, about their culture, particularly the story of a fourteen year old girl who is also the narrator. She shares her ‘coming of age’ story and the problems she faced moving away from home for better opportunities! It was quite interesting as many elements of Mexican-American culture were shared in this novel, quite entertaining!

Here is another one of the other books I read, which I actually started and completed today.


This book was extremely intriguing as I never expected it to be in the format of a comic! It’s no Betty & Veronica but it was just as fun! The artists did a great job at getting the story across. I would say it has quite a mature rating based on the language and content in it, but still humorous. I loved this book; it was quite a short read and I am happily moving on to my next book!

Happy New Year!

I’ve decided to venture off into some new waters, well continue to venture and I am deciding to do a bullet journal, or my idea of a bullet journal. Below is an excerpt from one of my journals! It is the journal mentioned in the post “I am here now“.


 What do you think? Yes, I know that my doodles are funny, we’re not all artistic okay? Anyway… I plan on continuing my journal with this format, which is honestly a whole bunch of different things, it’s definitely not an art journal, definitely. I am honestly stumped for words but…

Spring 2017 is about to begin and I am so anxious, I have so many things to try, especially study methods, I’ve been on Pinterest looking through so many pins and ideas. I am so excited! I hope all college students will have a WONDERFUL semester, get those grades in check, get involved and borrow a book from your school library!

Blessed love.


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