grow together, glow together!

Hi! I am so excited to be writing this post right now! I hope your semester started well if you’re in college & overall, I hope you had a wonderful start to the new year! I know it’s rough out there so just hang in there! I posted on Twitter that I would have a blog post coming soon about my skin care regimen & guess what? Here it is. Disclaimer: These are solely my personal views and I am sharing everything that happened to me personally, so believe me, everything I say is honest.

Just an overview of what my skin is like:

I have really sensitive skin, red irritated spots around my nose and also a rough patch above my chin where I usually get black/whiteheads.

I know “sensitive“is a skin type in itself but I must say that I don’t have particularly dry/oily skin, but it’s definitely not “normal”. My skin generally gets irritated really easily, mostly by the air & other things in the environment.

I unfortunately suffer from hay fever (seasonal allergies) so that makes caring for my skin a lot trickier! Because of this, my nose gets so red & as I mentioned before, the area around my nose gets irritated too!

I generally don’t get pimples, only when my skin is really really dirty/irritated and just around my time of the month! I don’t suffer from acne which I’m really grateful for, I just have discoloration really bad at times, so getting my skin to stay one tone is really my main goal. I do get sunspots at times, but they just look like freckles, so that will be our secret!

I don’t wear makeup, so everything you see is all natural, even some of the products that I will mention are made from mostly natural ingredients.

Fun fact: I realized that I actually do have freckles & since I’ve put more time into actually caring for my skin, they started to show up a lot more! If you know me personally you will know that I am obsessed with freckles! They are so cute and make me so happy! I’d never draw them on though, no shade!


Now to the fun part!

Here is an overview of my regimen:

  1. Cleanse
  2. Exfoliate (not everyday)
  3. Moisturize

Firstly, I always start with clean hands, always. If you’re up and about in public, your hands get pretty dirty, even if not, there are so many germs that are spread within our personal space on a daily. Make sure to clean under your fingernails too, there’s so much gunk under there. Based on the cleanser that I am using in a particular day, I wash my hands with it first then I proceed to washing my face. I don’t have a mechanical face brush like those Youtubers do ( I wish i did, wow someone please gift a set to me with hugs..)

I must admit this post is a bit trickier than I thought because most of the things I do is second nature to me.

Secondly: really try not to pick at your pimples/face. Personally, if I do feel the need to pick at a pimple or something, guess what I do? I start with clean hands 🙂 . And I always use a tissue/cotton ball. BUT, really try not to pick at your face. Refrain from scraping areas where whiteheads are visible, that’s what exfoliation is for!

Thirdly.. you know what I mean: I genuinely believe that exfoliation is important. It’s the only way besides scraping your skin, that some of the gunk gets out of your skin.

Yeah, the fourth one: Your diet & digestive system does a lot for your skin. What you put in is what you get out. It’s REALLY important to get it out. I am not perfect, so my diet is not perfect. I have a high metabolism, so I have to eat more than I normally need to so that I don’t end up underweight.  But, just as I eat, I poo, yes I am a duck, word to my best friend. I drink a lot of tea, on average two cups a day, which is a great cleanse! It cleans my insides, which makes all the toxins come out of my skin, which is what you should aim for. I personally love green tea & other herbal teas. Not only are they tasty, but they sooth my stomach & curb the sweet drink craving! I have it both hot & cold and it’s amazing either way. I do have cheat days, and days when all I crave is fries but for the most part, I do eat really well; my veggies, enough clean protein & so on. But as I said, the most important thing is to get the toxins out of your system. Now, I’m not encouraging bulimia ( I am sorry if what I am saying suggests that) I am not encouraging eating junk food just because you know your body will pass it out, eat well okay? Okay. I am not a trainer or life coach (even though I want to be one low key maybe high key), so do not do anything that is unhealthy for you. As I mentioned, this is what works for me.

Please: be careful about having your hair in your face, especially for the people with natural hair, I know you may use quite a bit of products, especially if you (s) lay your edges like me, there will be build-up and ultimately it will affect your face. Please, I can’t stress how essential it is to keep your hair clean. It does affect the skin on your face, it’s like right above it. Hello?! If you’re not able to wash your weekly or as often as you should, try to cut down on heavy buildup products, and you could also try using a warm, damp rag to just wipe away the product you use around your edges if it’s in excess.

The Products

Disclaimer: I do not use any secret products, and these products may or may not work for every skin type, so please do not blame me if something goes wrong, I am sorry. 

Let’s start with cleansers!

I do try to use mild cleansers, but also ones that will get the gunk out of my face and my chosen few are as follows:

This is my number one cleanser!

I would rate this product 10/10 honestly, even on a bad day. This product is clear when you pump it out, it lathers but not quite like how a soap would lather. When I apply it to my wet face, it does tingle a little bit and I think it’s supposed to. It does a great job of removing the top layer of gunk and left over moisturizer etc from my face. My face does feel soft after, and it isn’t as drying as a soap.

On the left is an activated charcoal soap, and on the right is a guava passion sea salt soap! These were both gifts. Thanks Tavisha!

I have used the one on the left before, and personally it does dry my skin out, but it also dries everything else which I find fascinating. When I get bumps because of buildup on my hairline, it does a great job of cleaning those right out. I am not a big fan of using soaps but it really does clean me right up! I just started to use the Guava one, and it’s pretty good so far, it tingles quite a bit, but is just as drying as the charcoal. I recommend using this with a really great moisturizer! And not for dry skin! Black Soap is really drying as well and I would not recommend it for people with dry skin, it can cause your skin to crack and become inflamed.

On to Scrubs/Masks!

This is hands down one of my favorite scrubs!

This is a great exfoliator, the packaging says it does “medium” exfoliation, which means the grains in the scrub are a little coarser so if you aren’t careful it can scrape your face, so be careful with this one (and others). Exfoliation is really tricky but oh so important. Too much and your skin becomes irritated easily, too little and gunk gets backed up in your face. This scrub smells amazing, feels amazing. I actually see a difference on my face, especially around my rough patches, where I would get white-heads, they actually disappear. This scrub assists my cleanser a lot, which I think is awesome!

Not my picture!

I do have a bottle of this but in my travels back to school I decided to leave it at home as I could get another one when I’m here. THIS SCRUB/MASK is the BEST I’ve ever used! Ever. I genuinely love it so much! It does exactly what it says and more to be honest. I usually pair it with one of the soaps because this adds moisture back into my skin which is beyond awesome! It smells great and has a really weird consistency, like almost sticky. A little goes a long way, it spreads really well! This is great for sensitive skin and dry skin! The exfoliation level is really gentle, so the grains are a lot smoother but still provides that little jazz for your skin! 10 out of 10!

heart eyes

I was skeptical about this product at first but it turned out to be pretty good. It is a pretty thin mask but it takes a while to properly dry for removal. For me personally it doesn’t really clarify, it just assists my glow which is always a plus. It smells AMAZING  but it is quite sticky.. well of course it would be because yeah it has to stick to your face.. I’m rambling, but this mask is good as a refresher!

My Favorite: Moisturizers!

This is where my routine gets tricky! I use a couple moisturizers, which I alternate everyday or so. The first one is this:

It’s unscented!

I love this moisturizer for two reasons: it’s unscented, and it has a beautiful consistency. It’s not creamy but not completely watery, it’s just that perfect consistency. It goes on well and skin absorbs it really nicely. I tend to have to use quite a bit, sometimes two layers, around my nose tends to need a little more attention but overall it does moisturize me and keeps me moisturized.


All I can say is wow. WOW. I used this on all my body and I must say it’s amazing. This does have a light smell but I think it’s just the Shea butter. I haven’t been able to find another jar of this anywhere!! So I’m actually reminiscing on this product right now. The consistency is sorta like shea butter, and it melts when the temperature changes which was a sure sign it was the real deal! This doesn’t have parabens, sulfates and all that stuff they say we’re not supposed to use so that’s a definite thumbs up. It smells great but not overpowering, and it goes on well (even though you have to really rub it in) and it keeps me moisturized ALL DAY. It does help with scars which I LOVE, I think Palmer’s overall makes great products with scar removal magic.


I LOVE THIS PRODUCT. I got this at the Sangster’s International Airport in Jamaica ( yes, stop at the shops there guys, it’s actually pretty good.) This product has a great smell, it has witch hazel in it like the label says. Uh, the consistency.. I wish it were a bit creamier. it’s a bit watery but a lot goes a long way so you won’t need a lot cuz you’ll be too busy rubbing and rubbing and rubbing it in. It does keep me moisturized quite well, but the first few times I used it I needed to use a little more around my nose. It kinda makes my face feel tight the first few times which the package said it would so I wasn’t worried. AND BONUS, it’s a Jamaican product! I think you can order it online & it’s in the Earth Elements store! They have a great line of products so check them out!

Last but definitely not least, this one!


WOW. 10/10. I love this and I use this all over my body. I do prefer the Raw Shea Butter Balm to this, but this is the second best. It is quite creamy so I wouldnt necessarily recommend it to people with oily skin as a daily outside moisturizer. It personally doesn’t clog my skin but it might clog oily skin. It is great for overnight treatments, especially if you have dry cracked skin. It makes my skins stay so good. It works on my scars like magic. I honestly don’t know what else to say about this. It makes my skin so soft, it does have a smell, which isn’t so bad, but it’s soft and just amazing. It gives me a great glow, especially along my cheek bone.

In addition to these products, I use sunscreen which I think is so important, it keeps me from getting burnt in the sun. DO NOT SKIP ON SUNSCREEN. Do not. I use it after I’ve put my moisturizer on, so it’s the last thing that goes on my face.

Here are two sunscreens I recommend for all day protection:

This one is said to be used for Sports and it’s actually really great. I do like it.
This is another great one, it does give me quite a nice glow and also it smells great!

Here are some pictures of my skin with this new found glow!


This is the most recent picture! Unedited, unfiltered! I do have spots but this camera doesn’t show them.

I scar easily so I do still have some scars! Not perfect guys! Here are some more pictures!


this was taken with my back camera so it does show everything!

I hope you enjoyed this post ( and my face), I hope it’ll be really beneficial and I hope you’ll have a great skin care journey! Let me know if you ever want more tips! Hit me up on my social media accounts!

Always remember, embracing your flaws, weaknesses and shortcomings is the first step to greatness. Embrace them and you’ll know how to change them! Cover them up and they’ll come back stronger than ever.

 Lessons not losses! xx


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  1. Wow thank you!! I’m so happy I love hearing great review. I’d love to know how it goes! Thank you!

  2. astoldbyali says:

    You have nice skin! I’ve used the peel off mask & Oatmeal St Ives scrub and basically felt the same way about them. Gonna let my sis try the biore and green tea scrub since she more has blackheads & acne probs.
    Good post tho!

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