trust the process

Hi! I know I’ve been really missing in action butttttt school is kicking my butt! Right now it’s 1:00 AM  and i’m missing sleep to type this, anyway! I’m surviving midterms (barely), but I hope you are!

that face when the professor says “midterm grades aren’t counted in your GPA for the semester and aren’t on your final record” but you still get midterm exams… photo by: LYNCH.

I’ve been noticing a trend on social media, mostly among people my age.. the “let me post about this so I can sneak diss everyone not doing anything with their lives”. I know that seems really specific… and it is. I notice it with my peers, even someone I’m close with. Now don’t take me wrong and say “you’re a bad friend”, because I actually discuss these things with my friends. It bothers me and I feel the need to speak about it.

Maybe I have too much pride, maybe I have too much fear in the unknown.. I don’t know but there’s just something inherent that says “don’t share your plans, especially when you’ve done nothing to work on them”. It’s sad because most times they’re the ones constantly complaining about having nothing going for them. I’m not bitter, I just honestly think people need to recognize when they’re wasting precious time & energy. Procrastination is so deadly and I wish a lot more people realized that. It took having fire under my skin for me to realize that, even though I could be saved, it was still a little too late.

Every day that I reflect and realize how much time I could’ve put to good use I hear 2Pac in my head saying “Get off your ass if you plan to get rich” rich is relative just saying. Instead of tweeting about it, why don’t you just do it? Trust me, I get the notion of “letting things happen” but to be quite honest, it’s important that we become realistic. Absolutely nothing will happen if we sit around and wait. I am a firm believer in trusting the process. Put in work and reap your rewards, once again, reward is relative.

I know the thought of “ohh this isn’t gonna work out” might plague you, but as I said be realistic. Think of your pros and cons, is it really worth it? Instead of filling your head up with false hope. I personally don’t like the thought of “optimism”, for one main reason. It makes people lazy; this runs along the same lines as people who think waiting around for something is gonna make it magically happen. Call me pessimistic all you want. I believe optimism makes people lazy. Sue me. I’ve seen it so many times. People get all excited about their plans, create these expectations, do absolutely nothing and wonder why nothing ever blooms. Well I’m here to say, that’s extremely played out.


Over the past 2 months, my planner has become my best friend. Even just planning my day out in my head helps my daily process. Not that I personally love living by a routine, but it really helps me get things done. Simple to-do lists help me as well. The feeling of accomplishing a reasonable goal you set, because you actually put in ACTUAL work is one that’s unmatched.

Check out Protoje’s new song: Blood MoneyIt was released earlier in February and it is excellent and relevant commentary of the current state of Jamaica.

visuals by : Taj Francis:



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