As promised, I’m back with an updated post on my hair! Soooo…  just a short recap:

In my previous hair post I mentioned that I used the LOC (Leave in, Oil, Cream) method of caring for my hair, where I would shampoo once a week only styling my hair once a week. With styling, I would do twist-outs and failed wash n gos lol, the occasional sleek bun and other braided styles. I realized that my hair was not growing or rather retaining length, so I decided to change my regimen about the curly girl method of caring for natural hair.

new tings

The curly girl method includes doing co-washing and basically max hydration and mostly low manipulation styles. And NO SHAMPOO. Like I said before, I realized I wasn’t retaining length so I switched it up.

What I did first was the porosity test, the water test to be exact and I figured out that I have low porosity hair. In essence moisture is really hard to get into my hair follicles, therefore making my hair really dry because my hair basically repels moisture. To combat this, using some sort of heat helps to open up my hair and allows moisture to seep in. When I get moisture in, it’s important that I seal my hair to trap it. Before I figured this out, I would wonder why hair would feel so dry and trashy, because I would normally just style my hair once a week and occasionally moisturize during the week. 

Since I’ve switched to this method, my hair has been significantly bouncier, shinier and the elasticity is all the way back. (I just need my life to bounce back like this). Before I started this, I invested in some hair scissors and I did some dusting. Dusting is where you remove single strand knots and old ends etc. it’s not as extensive as trimming where inches are removed. I think dusting is really important for natural hair because leaving those old ends will just cause more breakage, especially normal split ends. 

Let me not even begin to talk about single-strand knots.*talks about single strand knots* I’ve honestly given up on them, I’ve read posts where they’re just telling me to stop doing wash n gos if I want to reduce them and I’m just sorry I can’t. It’s inevitable with curly hair. And I am NOT wearing protective styles for the rest of my life, BORING. Next. 


one of the best wash n gos I’ve had so far. not even gonna lie, these are some of my best pictures as well. 

For this wash n go, I did a co-wash with Aussie Mega Moist conditioner, conditioned with Shea Moisture’s JBCO conditioner. For my styler I used CURLS’ Creme Brule and a little Eco Styler Gel. I believe I did a combination of the “praying hands” method and the shingling method to define my curls. My hair had body, sheen and it was just perfect to be honest. 

best cheap conditioner on the market. my mom spent about $3 on this and honestly, this is my second bottle. I would’ve gotten a bigger bottle but it’s difficult to travel with it.

It not only smells great, it’s cheap, it does have sulfates though but I had to look past it. It’s really just that good. The slip is out of this world. like CRAZY out of this world.

Heart eyes right? I was feeeeeeling myself. NO apologies.

I used the Olive Oil Eco Styler Gel to assist with definition, and to combat frizz. Since taking my braids out, I reintroduced it into my hair regimen and I haven’t looked back since. I’ve never been more happy. I must admit that I would worry about the gel cast, you know that crunchy feeling you get when gel dries on your hair? Yes gel cast is important folks, I did a little reading and especially for wash n gos, it essentially forms a protective layer around your hair to keep your curls/coils together. To remove the gel cast, I just use a little moisturizer or oil and scrunch it into my hair. So let that hair get crunchy guys!

I have COMPLETELY stopped using Cantu Shea Butter products in my hair, because I think they’ve changed their formulas and have somehow added crust to their ingredients. I swear, I will use the curling cream on DRIPPING wet hair, and even after using just a little, even without gel, it would leave crumbs on my hair, lmao. I know that sounds extreme but I’m being so serious. My hair would literally look like it had white scawl & I know damn sure my hair isn’t that hungry. Bare crumbs.

this was my first successful wash n go since taking my braids out, it was quite flat I must admit, but I loved it.

My hair was really moisturized, had alot of sheen, and even though it was a little flat, it moved honey.

this is from the same day.

During that little length check session, i checked my hair and it was about 13/14 inches long. I haven’t been checking that much since then, but it has definitely grown. It has gotten a lot thicker all thanks to Jamaican Black Castor Oil. One thing I definitely recommend is being careful not to overuse the oil, your scalp can get very gunky and it is quite the hassle to remove build-up.


As I mentioned before, I did the occasional sleek bun, I can’t do it too often for too main reasons; this is the only hair-do that makes me look like Doritos to a marathon runner just ending their race lol and two, it can stress my hairline a little bit, even though I don’t pull my hair back that tight, it does give me a headache and the maintenance of this hair-do is just A LOT. It’s not just a “pull a bonnet on at night n go” hair do. I have to uninstall the fleek and saran wrap it for the next couple months. I’m not even joking.


If you don’t particularly like using gel on your edges, I have the perffffffect product to recommend. 

this cost me about $4/$5 in Walmart. I still have so much left, a lot goes a LONGGGG way.

This product doesn’t buildup as much as gel and the risk of flaking is really low at least if you use it properly. I recommend it for daily use, it’s really moisturizing as well.

Another bonus! I recently (like the other day) bought some new products that I’ve been wanting for soooo long. Big up to my good up friend Ashley Nicole for taking me to an amazing beauty supply store where I spent more than I should’ve.

I purchased the Kinky Curly Come Clean shampoo, CURLS Blueberry Bliss Leave-in (this was a hefty investment, y’all know these products are really expensive.)


This washed sins away from my scalp.


I’m not even going to lie, I had doubts about this product BUT it’s really come close to the Shea Moisture JBCO Leave-In and you know that’s my holy grail product. Worth the buy.

Here are some pictures of my hair today after washing and styling!



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