hidden gems

Hey! It's been a long while but, I've been so overwhelmed that I haven't had the chance to sit and get my thoughts & ideas together, but here we are! Finally! I hope you are just as excited as I am.

I'm back in Jamaica for summer break, which I'm really ecstatic about, though I'm months late, bear with me. Please share this link, I am in desperate need of support to finish my degree. Please share, I really appreciate it.

summer escapades (so far)

may 20th 


i had the wonderful privilege of attending the concert night at the Tmrw.Tday festival in Negril, Jamaica where I experienced Runkus & The Old Skool Bond, the beautiful Sevana & of course Protoje & The In.Digg.Nation live! To put it candidly, it was awesomeeeeeeeeee. I haven't seen Protoje perform a full set in about two years & change so I was more than excited.


my look for the evening – unless stated otherwise, all pictures are by my mom.


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tmrwtdayProcessed with VSCO with nc preset

can we dicuss this top?? I got it at Rainbow. Sorry not sorry, I rarely find good items in that store but this one. Damn! I had to!


34041934243_a9c8f24075_o (2).jpg


34688933612_797b2c9aa8_o.jpg 34720243911_0ba1bed24f_o (1).jpg 34720239221_731e77b2a2_o.jpg

july 2nd 

please, be a tourist wherever you live. there are so many hidden gems in Jamaica. I live pretty close to beaches and last week I got to visit Burwood Beach just outside of Falmouth, Jamaica. It's a free public beach, surprisingly it was not all littered up and overly crowded, mainly because it's right off the highway, I don't think too many people know it's there, thankfully. I normally visit Doctor's Cave Beach in Montego Bay which is probably my favorite beach. The sand, the clear water, the trees, ugh I could go on…

Burwood Beach is pretty simple, quiet, not too much going on; perfect for a chill Sunday.




IMG_3348 (1).JPG

IMG_3351 (1).JPG


wendy marie

last summer, my mother began making various crochet pieces, and over the past year or so, it has really taken off and we've been getting a lot more orders! I'm super excited to share some of her newest pieces which are available for order. all made custom!

the swimsuit featured in the pictures above was made by my mom! I am biased but I have to say it's really comfortable and it fit me perfectly! Can't wait to get some more :).


this top has been titled the "Butterfly" mainly because I love Butterflies and the back design reminds of a Butterfly.


it's priced at USD$40 for all colors! Please contact me if you're interested in ordering!


This is a golden yellow Butterfly, it's absolutely gorgeous!


this is mommy's newest design which we titled "Waves". It's probably my favorite one so far!


Thanks for looking through my mini lookbook! I'll be updating in a couple weeks! Stay tuned as I try to find more cool spots around my home to visit! Yes, that includes food! 🙂


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